Published on October 5, 2003 By Gedroshian In Politics
Yesterday, the balochistan assembly rejected a resolution which demanded that balochi, brahvi and Pashto be taught in schools. Read it in Daily Dawn

In response, wrote a quite sentimental note on how wrong this decision is. Read it on

Well, what were these guys thinking? where the hell is the reality? doesn't this kachkol & guys know it is almost impossible? Ok, so both parties have some justifications. but both sides have ignored so many things. Just check this simple question; which language will be used in quetta? I know the case is not that simple. but i think, for the dismay of baloch nationalist including me, that balochi can't be taught in balochistan untill balochistan is free.

If there was a proper research conducted and given by the opposition, it might have stood a chance. But this is pure politics-4-politics stuff.
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